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RV Friendly Destinations

What is it?

The RV Friendly Destination program is a CMCA initiative aimed to assist small towns that are not able to meet the criteria of the CMCA RV Friendly Town™ program. Local Government/Councils, Progress Associations and businesses, can participate by selecting a suitable site within the town to become the RV Friendly Destination.

Essential Criteria

  • Provision of short-term, low-cost overnight parking (24/48 hours) for self-contained recreational vehicles.
  • The parking area needs to be on a solid, level surface. 
  • There must be enough room for large vehicles to manoeuvre. 
  • If the nominated site is for a campground then it needs to be well maintained and offer facilities such as BBQ area and or covered seating etc. for the benefit of the RV traveller.

Desirable Criteria

  • A dump point. 
  • Potable water. 
  • Long-term parking

What are the benefits?

  • RV Friendly Destinations will be promoted in GeoWiki X, The Wanderer and on our website and social platforms. 
  • When RV travellers spot the RV Friendly Destination sign, they are aware that it determines a short-term, overnight parking/rest area will be available low-cost. If you can offer an incentive or reduced cost for CMCA members, your patronage will be significantly enhanced. 
  • These visitors will quickly spread the word that a new RV Friendly Destination is available. 
  • Depending on the location, RV travellers can contribute to the community in a variety of ways, environmentally, socially and economically which will see an increased patronage of local businesses.

Sites that could possibly be included in this program include: hotels/pubs, clubs, wineries, tourist attractions, businesses and well maintained camp sites. CMCA reserves the right to review any RV Friendly Destination at any time and withdraw the site from the program should an acceptable standard not be met.

Information Sheet

Here you can download the RV Friendly Destination information sheet

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